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Integrative Therapist Background

I qualified with distinction as an integrative therapist from Inter-Psyche Training Centre in Dartford which is affiliated to the Kent and Medway NHS Trust Foundation. This is a Level 6 qualification which is equivalent to a degree.

I currently work at Care to Listen in Croydon within their NHS IAPTs counselling team. My work within the IAPT service is short-term and, for this reason, demands a high degree of focus in order to find and address core issues quickly. This is very different to long-term therapy where the pace is at times slow in order to enable deeper and more sensitive exploration. Typically, in my private practice, the length of therapy is reviewed periodically.


I have published five academic philosophy papers on the subject of existentialism which is relevant to the existential aspects of being an integrative therapist. The relevance of existentialism to therapy is in its concern with what it is to be-in-the-world. This is a list of my published academic papers:

  1. Biosemiotics Journal (Springer)
    Pharoah, M. (2018). Qualitative Attribution, Phenomenal Experience and Being. Biosemiotics 11, 427–446.
  2. Biosemiotics Journal (Springer)
    Pharoah, M. (2020). Causation and Information: Where Is Biological Meaning to Be Found? Biosemiotics 13, 309–326.
  3. Linguistic Frontiers
    Pharoah, M. C. (2020) Advancements in the Evolution of Human Capacities to Know. Linguistic Frontiers, 3(2)2, pp.66-69.
  4. Think (Cambridge University Press)
    Sukhoverkhov, A., & Pharoah, M. (2020). Polo minds: Gateway to existential enlightenment – philosophy of ordinary things. Think, 19(55), pp.135-138. https://www.doi:10.1017/S1477175620000123
  5. Semiotica Journal (De Gruyter)
    Pharoah, M. (2023) Meaning and the evolution of signification and objectivity, Semiotica, 2023(250) pp. 149-166.

Additionally, I have two papers published in Russian with METOD Journal: ЭМЕРГЕНЦИЯ СУБЪЕКТНОСТИ: АТРИБУТИРОВАНИЕ КАЧЕСТВ, ФЕНОМЕНАЛЬНЫЙ ОПЫТ И СУЩЕСТВОВАНИЕ METHOD. Moscow Yearbook of Social Studies, 10, 91-121 Значимость и эволюция сигнификации и объективности METHOD. Moscow Yearbook of Social Studies, 11, 350-371

Feel free to access my academic work here at Researchgate or Academia. Alternatively, my Orcid page gives more relevant information regarding my publications and my reviews of academic papers. You can also find my LinkedIn profile here.

DBS and Registration

I have a fully enhanced DBS check and am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). The BACP is one of the main organisations that, amongst other things, regulates the standards of therapists. One of its standards is that members adhere to the BACP’s code of ethics.

My aim as an integrative therapist is to help my clients develop a greater understanding of the processes that connect their body, emotions, feelings, moods and thoughts, and to explore the conscious and unconscious communications of these processes in our therapeutic relationship.

I offer Face-to-Face and Online therapy

email: click here for my email link

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